I am Ryan Lawrence.

I am a senior art director and designer
based in Los Angeles. I am also a


noun poly·math |  ˈpä-lē-ˌmath

1 : a person of encyclopedic learning

2 : someone who knows a lot about many different things

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Savannah College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts // Film and Television // 2007 // Savannah, Georgia


(646) 629.9469
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I am a Filipino-American hailing from Miami Florida, and I’ve been a multi-disiplinary creative seasoned for over 10 years; with experience in both traditional and digital forms of art and design. I am considered an artist and generalist at heart thriving in creative and collaborative cultures through symbiotic harmony and empathy. My skills are sharp and well-rounded across a plethora of applications and creative mediums.

I look forward to collaborating with boutique agencies, design and content studios, and clients through freelance contract work to potential full-time hire. I’m currently part of the Creative Communications Design Studio at Apple.

In my spare time, I work on passion projects that fill the creative void through music, motion design, video and photography.


RYLO Artist & Creative Director
Ongoing // Los Angeles, California

Apple Design Studio Art Director
03 2021 - Present // Culver City, California

GrandSon Senior Art Director 
05 2019 - 09 2020 // Culver City, California

David & Goliath Senior Designer // Senior Art Director 
08 2017 - 04 2019 // El Segundo, California

Tidal Freelance Creative Director //
03 2017 - 08 2017 // Los Angeles, California // Remote Travel

Kern // An Omnicom AgencSenior Art Director //
08 2014 - 03 2017 // Woodland Hills, California

Saatchi & Saatchi Art Director //
11 2012 - 06 2014 // New York, New York

Night AgencArt Director //
01 2011 - 10 2012 // New York, New York

Costa IMC // JMC Y&R  Art Director //
06 2009 - 12 2010 // Miami, Florida // Caracas, Venezuela

The Design People Art Director //
10 2008 - 07 2009  //Manila, Philippines

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I am Ryan Lawrence.

I am a senior art director and designer
based in Los Angeles. I am also a


noun di·rec·tor | də-ˈrek-tər

1: one who directs such as

Interiors Design Awards

Creative Director // EditorContract Magazine’s 41st Interior Design Awards Show  // Watch ︎

Tidal Rising : Northside

Director // PhotographyFeaturing bands that played in the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, New York. // Watch ︎

Tidal : Arizona

Director // Photography

Featuring a band named Arizona from their home state of New Jersey. // Watch ︎

Tidal Tour Series : CNCO

Director // Photography

Featuring one of the most popular and sought after pop groups in Latin America. // Watch ︎

Talento & Poppy Delevigne

Director // PhotographyTalento showcases it's 2016 jewelry collection through an exclusive interview with model Poppy Delevingne. // Watch︎

American Express Platinum

Video // Brand Direction
American Express was in need of a rebrand in order to refresh its image as being a coveted card to hold where lifestyle becomes more than premium. // Watch ︎

Tommy Hilfiger

Art Director //  Editor
Tommy Hilfiger showcases his renewed vision and brand direction for the fashion icon’s annual conference. // Watch ︎

Bulldog Gin

Director // Creative Director
Creating a brazen culture influenced by the British Invasion movement of the 60's. // Watch ︎

Colcci & Gisele Bündchen

Director of Photography // EditorA :60 second spot featuring Gisele Bündchen in Colcci's Power Skinny Jeans. // Watch︎

PowerBar NYC

Director // PhotographyFilming commenced a few days before Hurricane Sandy's devastating arrival. Shot along the path of the NYC marathon across the five different boroughs of New York City. // Watch ︎

Ford Fordistas

Art Director // Editor
The Fordistas is an art and cultural collective movement inspired by Ford in the South Florida Area. // Watch ︎

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I am Ryan Lawrence.

I am a senior art director and designer
based in Los Angeles. I am also a


noun pho·tog·ra·pher | fə-ˈtä-grə-fər

1: one who practices photography 

2: especially : one who makes a business of taking photographs

Film & Digital

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“I love to capture what is real; candid.”

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I am Ryan Lawrence.

I am a senior art director and designer
based in Los Angeles. I am also a


noun mu·si·cian | myü-ˈzi-shən

1: : a composer, conductor, or performer of music

Vocals //  Electric  & Acoustic Guitar //
Bass  Guitar // Keyboard & Synthesizer // Electronic Drum Machine

Musical Projects

The If-Then Argument ︎ Operator.One ︎
Orion Vol. 1 ︎ Orion Vol. 2 ︎ Orion Vol. 3 ︎ Orion Vol. 4 ︎ Orion Vol. 5 ︎
Rylo ︎ Hollywood Disco Club ︎ Dimension ︎

“I  just record what’s been playing in my head.”

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