is a multidisciplinary art director and designer based in Los Angeles. I create works, products and services for brands, artists, consumers, and other creative studios.

My work experience ranges from art and design, film and motion to digital templates and toolkits. I focus on creating timeless works and design systems through modular concepts and experimentation.

I’ve collaborated with advertising agencies, artists, writers, illustrators, designers, design and content studios, and global brands such as A24, Apple, HBO, Kia, Netflix, MGM, Rivian, Sony, Toyota, Universal and YouTube.

I’m currently working 💻 with Apple, as an Art Director, Design in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Miami, Florida, I’ve previously lived and worked in New York, Miami and Quezon City, Philippines.

As a Filipino-American, I strive to understand and highlight key cultural moments that help to shape a better, more empathetic world. Whether that is through nurturing a collaborative work environment, or simply being kind.

In my spare time ⏳️ I go on outdoor adventures 🏕 and spend quality time ⌚️ with my wife and son. I also work on passion projects 🙃️ through music 💿️, motion design, video, film photography 📸, ceramics and machine learning 🤖️.

If you would like to collaborate on future projects, or want to say hello ✌️️, please contact

Here’s a digital copy of my latest resumé 📄️.